Meet "Dr. P" | Mobile Vet Surgeon

Dr. Pooya is available to perform mobile veterinary surgery throughout the state of Maryland, including orthopedic and soft tissue surgical case consultations, diagnostics, and surgeries, as well as postoperative care & long-term management of pets, cats & dogs. These mobile veterinary services are made available throughout Maryland.

Dr. Pooya returned to Maryland, where he was born & raised, after 16 years of education & training across the nation, including nearly six years of post-doctorate surgical training. In addition to performing surgery, his training also involved the process of seeing surgical appointments, doing surgical consultations for other veterinarians, and scheduling follow-up visits postoperatively to help ensure the desired surgical outcome and optimal benefits for your pet.


Having graduated from the Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine as a member of Phi Zeta (the National Veterinary Honor Society) in 1999, he then completed a small animal internship at Cornell University's Hospital for Animals and a one-year surgical internship at Affiliated Veterinary Specialists in Jacksonville, FL. 

He has authored numerous publications in various veterinary journals, many of which have been presented at international surgical conferences.   The bulk of this work stemmed from the orthopedic fellowship he completed at the J.D. Wheat Veterinary Orthopedic Laboratory at U.C. Davis in CA.  Dr. Pooya obtained 30 months of surgical residency training at both U.C. Davis (one day per week) and a large specialty referral practice in nearby San Leandro, CA.

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